"Pitrone & Associates has been keeping your time since 1990"

Pitrone & Associates announces the retirement of its founder and CEO John Pitrone. 

In 1990, I founded Pitrone and Associates, a time systems sales and service company, serving institutional, commercial and government accounts.  In 1996, we began marketing time systems, business electronics and security products using the internet.  We created and managed our own websites with over 6500 customers in twenty eight countries.  The last twenty five years has been challenging and rewarding.  The time has come for me to move on to the next chapter of my life.  Thank you all for your friendship, patronage and support!

The Hatboro Pennsylvania office and service department is closed.  Sales, service and tech support, is available directly from the equipment manufacturers.  Manuals and setting instructions are posted on  our website.

Contact numbers and links for service and technical support:
Acroprint... 800-334-7190  acroprint.com
Amano... 800-896-7035  amano.com
Digital Display Systems... 888-310-1150  digitaldisplay.com
Franklin Instrument Company... 800-321-2353  franklinclock.com
Lathem Time Company... 800-241-4990  lathem.com

Manuals and setting instructions:  http://www.pitrone.com/manuals.html


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